Monday, September 29, 2008

Why the Stock Exchange goes down now-e-days?????

This is the TALK OF THE WORLD.
Not only the BSE, NSE also the world Stock market. The reason is because of "Banking Industry" in US. Already, 11 banks have failed in 2008 alone.There are 117 banks are on its "death list" of troubled institutions. Experts informed that this situation continue this week. After the N-Deals there may be increase in stock exchange between India and US.

Top Gainers
Top Losers

Top Losers


United States Stock Market Dow *-----11143.13--------(121.07)
United States Stock Market Nasdaq----2088.86---------(-94.48)
United States Stock Market S & P 500-1165.56---------(-47.45)
Argentina Stock Exchange MerVal------1605.46---------(-86.94)
Brazilian Stock Exchange Bovespa-----47251.55--------(-3531.35)
Canada Stock Exchange TSX------------11610.22--------(-515.78)
Mexican Stock Exchange IPC-----------24726.09--------(-867.68)
Amsterdam Stock Exchange AEX---------323.55----------(-31.03)
London Stock Exchange FTSE 100-------4818.77---------(-269.70)
Deutch Stock Market DAX--------------5807.08---------(-256.42)
French Stock Market CAC 40-----------3953.48---------(-209.90)
Japan Stock Market Nikkei------------11743.61--------(-149.55)
Hong Kong Stock Market Hang Seng-----17880.68--------(-801.41)
China Stock Market Shanghai----------2293.78---------(-3.71)
Singapore Stock Market Straits-------2361.34---------(-50.12)
Jakarta Stock Exchange Jakarta-------1832.50---------(-13.58)
New Zealand Stock Exchange NZX 50----3188.53---------(0.95)
Taiwan Stock Exchange TSEC-----------5929.63---------(0)
Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex---------12595.75--------(-506.43)
Indian National Stock Exchange Nifty-3850.05---------(-135.20)

This is not permanent. Indian Share market will raise after some months. Because of new business trade between India-EU and India-Japan. Let us wait and see.

What do u think about torrents???????

People think that they get all the things free via TORRENTS, but we dont think how we get these things free. The answer u tell is that some people lend it and post it to earn money via their post.
"Ya i too agree".
But the hidden thing behind this is they spread virus via this free post. Especially in torrents.
"How many can accept this " and " how many can reject this".
At first i too believed that there will be no virus downloading via torrents. But no i confirmed that they r trying to spread virus via these free files. Especially via SOFTWARE'S.
So people be careful while downloading SOFTWARE'S.
Anyway using INTERNET leads attack of some virus into our system. Although if we have good antivirus.
Not only via the software although by COOKIES, POP-UPs,... So Friends be careful while using internet. Dont go to unsafe sites.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Accident means Unfortunate,harmful event,caused unintentionally.

When anyone hear that word they feel bad. This happens at all age. It does not happen only in vehicles, but also during walking, by simple mistakes.

The reason i create this blog is recently my friend met with accident. He is severely wound on the left shoulder. The left hand shoulder is fractured. he was speeding at 120km/hr near mettukuppam suddenly only tvs xl bike crossed the road. He applied front disk break. Due to heavy speed the bike upset(180 degree) and fall on the left side. The bike is all new Yamaha r15. Because if new bike and new disk break it has more power so if we apply lightly it would stop, he applied more so the bike upset. It also happened for me a year before. Very sad to see my friend. The mistake is my friend, but the tvs xl bike can wait and cross the road. This incident happened in Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR).

Day After this accident, another accident happened in PTC Quaters. A man 30yrs old suddenly crossed the road to get the bus around 8p.m. Tata Sumo car suddenly hit that man, due to this the man got severely wound and bleed more. Very dangerous ride in OMR Road. More accident happens in OMR because of road expansion and sudden crossing of road. Daily about one accident happens in this OMR Road.Although the Highway department lay bridge to cross the road will these people cross the road using that bridge?. what about the speeding vehicles? what will the govt do to reduce these accidents.

The necessary step the govt can do is the advertisement
Which leads to road accident?
How can we reduce these accidents?
peoples must be taught road traffic rules?

This accident does not happens only in this OMR Road but also in CHENNAI, in INDIA,in WORLD. People must be aware of these accident. More accident happens due to OVER SPEED. Some accident occur due to sudden crossing road without seeing on both sides. This happens in HIGHWAY. People without wasting time the suddenly cross the road if any car r bike comes. Thinking that bike r car r bus will stop r slow down when seeing them. If they didnt slow down means accident happen there. Some accident occurs due to vehicle bad conditions.

We the people fight and reduce the accident.